Friday, March 14, 2008

And Spring Break......Begins.......Now!
No school today, which begins Spring Break! Are we going on a cruise? Visiting family in neighboring states? Taking the fam to DisneyWorld? Ummmm....nope. Just hangin' out at home, playing outside (hopefully), maybe catching a movie (which would be Lauren's first), getting Grant's 5-month picture taken, maybe a pic with all three kids in their Drake-wear (Go Bulldogs!)....just relaxing and enjoying the time with Bailey home.

Of course the best-laid plans, right? "Work" emailed earlier this week wanting to set up a meeting and get things going again. (I freelanced back in November and now they are ready to ramp up again). But hopefully I will only be gone a couple hours today (between drive-time and actual meeting time) and then hopefully they won't need me to start until after Spring Break. Family first....the freelance gig is just a side-thing to my full-time job as Mommy. I'll know more about their expectations after 3 p.m. today. I don't know why I'm dreading the meeting/work so much - it isn't like the work is hard - it is more the balancing thing. Granted, only 10 hours a week, but finding those 10 hours in-between naps and laundry IS a big job.

Ok - enough about that. Spring has sprung - at least for two days. Snow forecasted again for weekend. But the last two days have been upper 50's or lower 60's - BEAUTIFUL! I was able to get OUTSIDE with the kids and play! yipee! (cabin fever was hitting us big-time). Lauren got a tricycle for her 2nd b-day back in August and she didn't get to use it much before cold temps hit. We've pulled it back out and it is like a new toy for her. I also scored a little Barbie VW battery car for her from a friend for $20 so she's LOVIN' that too. Here's a look at our faux Spring fun....and a cute one of my boys...just chillin'.

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kmb said...

Cute pictures, again. I really like the one of Mark and baby boy.