Thursday, March 20, 2008

So I was wrong - it WAS Rocker Girl who went home last night....but I'm definitely not upset by that. I AM upset that Carly was in the bottom three. WHAT?! I'm hoping it is a case of America just assuming she'd be a top contender and taking a vote for her for granted. A few more so-so's to go and then it is going to be a really, REALLY great field of competitors.

No pictures the last few days because my camera battery went dead and I could not find my charger and extra battery anywhere! (help me, org junkie!) I finally found it in the pantry. ?! I was probably in the middle of carrying it to where it should have been when interrupted by a certain 2-yr-old I know.

Speaking of which, she is at Grandma & Grandpa's this morning. I had hoped to scrapbook w/a friend today, but there is just SO much to do around here. Hopefully soon. Having Lauren gone is going to allow Bailey, Grant & I some better quality time I think. We are headed to the mall to find Bailey a new belt and maybe get Grant's picture taken....we'll see.

I'll leave you with a few quotes from Lauren. Contrary to what it is going to sound like - we are not trying to raise her to be a prejudice nark (is that how you spell nark?)

While at Target recently: "Who is THAT yucky guy?"

While at home: Head down, lips pouted, shuffling pathetically (the girl will be up for an Oscar someday - mark my words).....
Me: What's wrong, Lauren?
Lauren: Sissy is BOOOOOORING.

As I'm coming up from the basement: "Mommy? Sissy went upstairs and she woke up Grant!"

You'd think with a 10-year age gap between the girls they'd get along a little better, now wouldn't you? =-)

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