Friday, March 07, 2008

It has been many days since I've posted. Between late-night laundry from sick kids to oil changes and parent-teacher conferences, it has been a very busy week! Lauren started the sick thing Tuesday night and then yesterday Bailey came home from school about an hour after she'd arrived there. She slept from Noon to 4 p.m. in the chair, despite the chaos happening around her. Happy to report she seems to be feeling better today!

Last night we had Bailey's parent-teacher conference. She is getting A's in her core subjects.....except Math.

I started Grant on rice cereal again. This time around he seems to be digesting it a LOT more easily. Now....keeping him awake long enough to eat it at night is a trick. He is still a nightmare when it comes to an afternoon nap so he wants to fall asleep at 5 or so. Must fix this!

Lauren is almost completely potty-trained after a week of hard-core training. She hasn't had an "accident" during her waking hours in many many days. She actually stopped playing this morning three different times and told me "I gotta go." Yeah!!!

But...she IS a naughty lil bugger...I set up a play tent for her, suggested she take her babies in there and read to them, maybe have a snack in the tent, etc. She was having fun....and then it got quiet. (and you KNOW the horrible sound of quiet).....she had gotten into my craft stuff when I wasn't looking (hello! busy with more than one of 'em!)....and this is how I found her:

This is stamp ink...supposedly washable....we'll see. Oh to be 2 years old and have absolutely NO self-control. If it weren't for THESE LONG, BEAUTIFUL lashes coated with big sad tears, she'd be down for a nap already....but I guess I'll let her eat first. =-)

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