Friday, March 21, 2008

Grant's Five Month Pictures

I took Lauren every month her first year to get her picture taken. I was nuts. The idea was to just walk away with my free 8x10 and boom - the entire first year of life documented in pictures. I was rarely able to accomplish this because inevitably there were more than one picture that tugged at my heart. All in all I never spent much though. So, now I would love to not haul the kids out each month...but how do you have one baby scrapbook (would-be scrapbook that is) with 12 portraits and the youngest with just a off we go each month to keep things fair. Here are Grant's 5 months shots....the pictures I bought anyway. I had a free 8x10 coupon, another free 8x10 for being part of their "Smile Club" and so I actually only paid for one of these three. There were several other really good shots...but I narrowed it down to these three.

I just LOVE the spit drop in the one is almost the perfect droplet. And he LOVES to play "airplane" so I really like that shot. Here you go - have a look:

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