Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lauren: I want a bwuuuuuu dress.

Me: Your blue dress is for summer - this is your pretty Easter dress! (with encouraging enthusiasm) You look like such a beautiful princess in this pretty yellow dress!

Lauren: I no WANT a lellow dress. (arms crossed, lips pouted, brows furrowed)

Me: Lauren could you please go get me the phone? I need to call the Easter Bunny and let him know about this.......


kmb said...

You are so funny. The kids asked me the other day if the Easter bunny only comes if you are good. I told them that I wasn't sure, but that Santa is watching all the time anyway so they should probably be good anyway.

Also it is a good idea to behave since Santa has the Easter Bunny over for dinner parties.

Is that all it took to get the "lello" dress on?

kmb said...

My dad would like to make sure that you read the Baby Blues comic today.