Monday, March 03, 2008

Pizzazz and Potty Chair Success!

First of all, Bailey's show choir WON their competition on Friday night. Not only did they place first overall, but they brought home awards for Best Vocals and Best Choreography. Great job, Bailey and the entire group! You've worked so hard and it showed!

In Two-year-old news...well, it seems the potty chair was the magic we needed to conquer this daunting task called potty training. Since purchasing the chair late last week, Lauren has not had an accident during her waking hours. She doesn't even announce her need to go anymore - she just walks over to the chair, pulls down her pants and voila!

We haven't braved the outside world with big-girl underwear on steps. However, at church yesterday she told the nursery workers that she had to go and used the big-girl potty twice! I think we're almost there!

The weekend also consisted of BEAUTIFUL weather! Saturday and Sunday we had sunny skies, melting snow (yeah! Finally!) and temperatures that didn't require a heavy winter coat and mittens......until last night that is. You see, yesterday it was in the upper 50's - low 60's actually....and last night? A significant drop in temps and about 4 inches of snow. CRUEL that Mother Nature! So here we go again. We had a very brief sample of Spring and now back to March in Iowa.

Grant has been better at napping, although still doesn't sleep for long - but at least he is getting easier to put down for a nap. He usually doesn't cry anymore - and if he does he just fusses for a few mintues. Progress!

Today I'll be busy planning the week's menu and cleaning up. (Weekends create disasters).

More later!

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Sarah said...

I just happened upon your blog. I can sympathize with your potty training 3 1/2 yr. old took forever (it seemed at least).
Good luck!