Saturday, March 29, 2008

When we were sick, my Mom dropped off video games for the kids/husband. The kids haven't really played video was a really sweet gesture from a desperate Grandma who just wanted to make it all better. Since she wasn't allowed in the house (quarantined!) she just dropped them off. Today was the first day anyone felt well enough to give them a try. Here's Lauren's first video game experience. She's really gettin' into "Dora Saves The Mermaids"... SOO funny to watch her try to control what's going on on-screen. She lifts her body up off of the floor trying to get Dora to jump, she leans right, leans left....lifts the controls way up in the air. hilarious! But also quite amazing. With little to no instruction, she pretty much just knew how to hold it, how to make Dora move, etc. What a different generation of kids. Here's video of the little gamer. =-)

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