Saturday, March 29, 2008

We made it!

By Thursday night we ALL (The Mom of 'Em included) were down & out with the nastiest stomach "flu" to hit our house EVER. Even the baby had a version of it - but no vomiting from him thank goodness. He did however have the NASTIEST diapers I've ever encountered, poor baby. I gave him a bath yesterday and afterwards he still smelled. Sickness is seeping from his pores I think. He is still battling the nasty diapers today but seems to feel okay otherwise. The rest of us are up, feeling well and hungry. We are a little nervous about what to put in our stomachs, but we feel pretty confident that we are over it.

On today's agenda? CLEANING! I'm going to open this germ-ridden stink hole out and fill my bucket with bleach water and get busy.

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