Saturday, March 15, 2008

52 Blessings - Week 7?

I know I'm behind on my 52 weeks of blessings posts - so I'm going to post a few this week. First up.... My sister, Jami

My little sister - we've always been so vastly different. She was always organized - me? not so much. She only eats when she's hungry. Me? not so much. She is much more driven than I am, much more worldly in her experiences and travels. We spent much of our years at each other's throats. She put up with years of my big-sister bossing - I was the oldest and therefore I decided what channel we would watch, I decided what chores on my list SHE would do, etc. She endured sharing a room with her older sister - MY posters were on the wall, MY choices of music on the alarm clock radio, MY entire wardrobe littering the bedroom floor, etc. Very different - inside and out. Recently, however I've really come to appreciate and enjoy the woman she's become. We may not share a ton in common, but we have grown to really like each other - not just because we are sisters and we are supposed to...but because (at least on my end) I really DO like her. She makes me laugh. Her initiative inspires me. Her beauty and sense of style amaze me. Her knack for organization puts me to shame. She's a great friend - and I'm so blessed to also call her my sister.

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